We Should All Teach Our Mothers Social

What if the internet is exclusively controlled by moms? What will the result be?

My mom is social media savvy, I think I have the right to say that now. I can converse with my mom in the coolest, hip lingo on any Instant message platform and still be able to communicate with her.

I taught my mom a few tips on  social media; well, I thought I did till I realized she got creative with it and could do almost anything on her own.

I once got sick and stuck in bed and by morning, I woke up to a Talking Cat video my mom sent to my phone.

I played that video repeatedly on my bed because it made me laugh and feel less ill. If that isn’t therapeutic use of social, I wonder what is.

It got me thinking how effective social media will be if we taught our mothers, our parents, how to use them.

If our mothers (and fathers) make up the larger part of demographics of social media users, imagine the revolution and positive vibe you’d read on your timeline everyday.

Let me give you a scenario:

First, we’d wake up to an early morning prayer post; at noon, a retweet on a quote on how to be a better person; a little after noon a selfie from a vacation with the kids and grand kids; followed by a retweet of a blog link which they strongly believe you should read; a tweet to remind you of your promised call by 9.00 PM; then by night we will read a tweet on a disagreement with a government official followed by a response to a follow back request from an 18-year old.

If more parents are on social media, they’d form the Timeline Sanitation Squad (TSS), or the All You Can Get Advice Squad ( AYCAS)


This is a Twitter conversation, a disagreement between two parents. One is a parody account, the other a genuine account. The owner of the genuine account later realized the other was a parody and apologized to the real owner in the most polite manner.  How civil, don’t you think?

No trailer jams, no new stories on ‘Yoruba demons’, no subs, no memes with texts on it that have absolutely no reason to be there in the first place, no less drama and maybe a little more sanity plus more talking cat videos… of course.

Although, say goodbye to your freedom to retweet random pictures of some cute girl or boy you fancy, if you are single that is. I pity your DMs

If we teach our mothers social, imagine the wealth of content they’d create everyday.

I subscribe for data for my mom every month. One month, she complained of the excess data that goes to waste at the end of the month. My response was, “Search for ‘How To’ videos on YouTube”

Of course, you can guess who the highest  content producer and sharer of – sensible- videos on my timeline is now.

So when your mom or your grandma asks “How does this work?” Don’t be mad, just teach her. You never know when it will come in useful.

Happy Mother’s Day forever and ever to mothers.. You Rock!