The House Of The King That Got Burnt…

This is a tribute video done by ‘Kunle’s friends. Happy memories

This article is a sequel to the tribute about ‘Kunle Olaifa written by Osibo.

On August, 18th, I was in midweek service in church at Harvesters International Christian centre (HICC) on Tuesday. During worship, it dropped strongly in my heart to bring back my blog that night. That night, I couldn’t really say anything from my heart, I was mumbling suddenly my thoughts went back to a year before when I heard Kunle Olaifa passed.

I remembered how I wept uncontrollably during a lecture at NYSC camp, in Lagos when I heard the news. Right there in church, tears rolled down my eyes and I kept on thanking God for the life he lived, the family and friends he left behind, his mother, wife, sister and children.

I wrote a tribute last year about Kunle Olaifa (that was deleted too. Smh). I wrote how he used to call me “Omo ile alamala” because I told him (when he visited my house in Ibadan) that my friend saw the name of my street in Ibadan, decided it was a mouthful and sounded like alamala and called my street that. He never forgot to tease me with the name.

In honour of ‘Kunle, Truppr has organised a testimonial football match on the 29th of August, 2015 at Meadow Hall secondary school at Lekki, Lagos.


Kunle loved sport so it would only be the right thing to honour him in sports.

There are four teams: Akure bombers, Ilorin rockets, Abule-Oja strikers and Triangle united. These four teams are headed by 4 of his friends and each carry a unique story of its own.

Please join the Akure bombers (don’t ask me why 😊) At this moment, I really wish I could play football.

Visit: to participate

When I got home that night, and began the process of web retrieval, my web host informed me they deleted my data 14 days after my hosting expired. It is either I wasn’t aware of the plan to delete or I saw the email but skimmed through it or was too busy to even open the email. (Sigh). All my posts, pictures, comments, memories- gone.

All I know is, now I am paranoid about backup of everything. I call it “my data layering”.

If not for the inspiration during worship that night ehn, I’d still procrastinating coming back online. A good number of people asked me why my blog was down, even during a job interview, I got asked the same question- same answer was  I will come back soon.

As the Yoruba saying goes, “Ile Oba to jo ewa lo bu si”

English translation: The house of the king that got burnt, it only adds beauty to it.  This is simply interpreted to mean when the palace of a king gets burnt, it is replaced with even a  better palace.

I intend to get better at writing, blogging and backup (lol) because I have a lot I wrote offline in areas like events, trends, reviews etc. I also have taken measures to avoid a reoccurence. I can’t wait to hear from you too.

3 thoughts on “The House Of The King That Got Burnt…

  1. he is resting in the lord. large heart gone too soon…but only temporarily cause the saints shall see again when we behold him.

    1. My name is Adedamol Williams. I attended the NNSS Abeokuta School with Kunle Olaifa. I haven’t had the opportunity to keep in touch with Kunle over the years after our time together in Abeokuta however I was much moved to read the tributes of the remarkable life he lived. It is never the manner, nor is timing of an exit that makes a difference ; that providence is in the Hands of the Almighty rather it the impact of the exit which is a measure of the person. When greatness departs a vacuum is filled by those inspired to step up. Thank you for all you wonderful tributes. I am forever mindful of the great teacher and friend young Kunle already was. He tried endlessly to prevent me from failing Yoruba language and to instil a belief in the greatness of our country in me. The former a limited endeavour, the latter he went on to personify. Always patient, always passionate, always generous. I was truly blessed to know the young man that lived a great life. He touched mine too. Damola Williams ex Navy boy

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