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Payday Diaries (2) -Driver’s Licence


If you have gotten an alert- you know the song to sing.

Maybe not today but this early this week. Please call me.

If you haven’t, keep checking your heaven will soon be opened.

Payday is good because you look back at the those few days when you started mentally looking through the list of people who owe you money or started looking for places where you put your emergency stash incase you left a couple of 200,000 naira note bundles in a handbag.

October has been a one of a kind month for me. Finally, I miraculously got to collect my driver’s licence after driving for more than three years now; a lifetime of dodging, heart-in-mouth, the brown and maroon wearing FRSC officials.

I had to process it in Ibadan because it is cheaper to process and I know someone who could help. I began processing early September and had travelled back and forth to get it.

On getting there, I was told the person I knew had been transferred out of the state so my hope of getting it this year was dashed. They also happily informed me that they were still processing licenses for people who registered in February! As a result, I, who was just coming in September should please SAT DOWN!

Honestly, the queue/crowd at the licensing office is very discouraging, people get there as early as 5.00am to write their names down and even at 5.00 am you still meet a fairly long list of names waiting.

Sadly, I went back home without any progress, my one week self-given vacation reduced by one day. I waited one more day for the golden data capture text alert to drop. Nada.

I chatted with a friend about my disappointment and he just replied “pele”. That ‘pele’, afterwards was my wake up call.

Why will I come all the way to Ibadan and go back without this thing, only to hear pele. Me, Pele?

The conversation went 360 from there and I went on and on about how I was stressed, tired bla bla bla I was and he couldn’t do anything to help me, about how we didn’t just call him Superman for nothing, he needed to earn the name.

It worked.

He suddenly remembered he knew someone there who could help. Fast forward the tale of events to the moment were I realized that the person he knew was a relative to my mom’s uncle and also someone whose grandfather she used to write letters for back in the village. You can bet Momma earned the nickname ‘letter writer’ after that.

Long story short, I got my licence the next day.

If I hadn’t prodded him a little more, I’d have wasted more time lining up under the sun and money going back and forth to Ibadan and the licensing office, the whole prudent spending exercise ending up a waste. I ended up connecting with ‘lost’ family, visited my dentist and spending precious time with my mom.

Prudent spending Tip: If you need to do your licence in Ibadan because you don’t like Lagos’ process, please don’t go to Secretariat or Onireke’s FRSC office because of the backlog in the processing. Go to the Iwo road or Challenge licensing offices instead.

P.S: Be careful in traffic these days in Lagos, wind up your windows in traffic, avoid certain routes. Don’t pick up strangers. Too many robbery incidences around.

Be safe.