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Christmas Is For Giving and Forgiving

A few weeks ago, I had a bike accident in my neighbourhood. I rode the bike with an Hausa ‘aboki’ bike rider because someone decided not to pay the neighbourhood security men their salary for a few months, which in turn made them to lock all the entrance to the estate.

Christmas is for giving and forgiving

I injured my foot because the rider decided to ride too close to an SUV’s tyre, as a result, brushing my foot in between the two tyres. I was furious and even more furious when he requested for his money without showing genuine concern but I couldn’t play out my emotions because I was late for work.

Weeks later, still limping, suffering setbacks in the wound healing process and having to wear slippers to work; I developed hatred, acute fear for any ‘aboki’ that crossed my path. I would suddenly jump out of the way whenever one was coming too close to me. Every time.

As the wound ached and slowly healed, I had to bring myself to pray for the grace to let the incident pass in my heart and not snap at any innocent person. Gradually, it happened but not without a stern warning to myself to assess a bike rider before boarding his bike or better still avoid taking ‘okada’ except when absolutely necessary.

I asked myself what if it had been worse and it wasn’t just my foot.  Jesus has done far much for us by His life and death for sins much worse. Continuous forgiveness and giving should only be a lifestyle.

So, Santa came early enough to lift my spirits and countenance through our Secret Santa at work. During the gift drop-off, I saw this gift.


And we all joked about how the owner was going to get proposed to. I later realised it was mine and from a lovely (obviously nice) colleague.



Pretty, right?

Ask me what I got for someone oh. That is how I went to the shopping mall few hours to the drop-off and got pack of inner shirts. I had no clue what to get for the guy. Let me just say I am in the process of redeeming myself.

My pipu, plix learn from me.

Merry Christmas, family! Spread the cheer, forgiveness and giving.